Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Shirt!

Sewing soothes the soul.

Fall is lingering here and I am quite thankful. Halloween came and went and now that the kids are older I didn't have to make any costumes. What am I saying...I did sew costumes not for kids but for a production of Sweeney Todd put on by the Whitby Courthouse Theatre. Now Sweeney Todd is not my favourite story but it was a lot of fun being involved with the behind the scenes. This is a shirt made for the character "Anthony". How did I come to be involved you ask? Well that would be to help my daughter who had originally volunteered because one of her teachers is the Director and also acting in the production. "Mom, could you make some gears on the embroidery machine? Mom, could you help me make Beadle's pants? Mom, there's so much to do, could you come and sew?" I had a lot of fun and met some multitalented people. The hard work put in by countless volunteers working together for a common goal was quite exciting to see and the finished product...the whole play with all the actors and all the props and costumes and the talented singers...made it a night to remember. There are still some performances and of course the line-up continues with more productions to come. Check out the Whitby Courthouse Theatre here,