Monday, February 15, 2010

I haven't been at the Sewing Machine for weeks:(

But I'm happy to say that someone has been keeping busy!  My son was involved with a group that recreated certain periods in history and his interest in knights and armor really grew.  He has created several garments that would have been worn in the 1000s; that means natural fiber and all sewn by hand. 
I went down to the sewing room to trace out a Burda Pattern and this is what I found on my sewing table.
This is "Scale Armor" kind of an apron that would protect the wearer's torso.  It is completely made by hand.  The metal plates are cut, the sharp edges grinded and three holes punched.  They are hand sewn to heavy canvas in a woven pattern to inhibit sharp objects from penetrating.  This is what it might have looked like:

I am amazed by his hand work, I showed him how to do a buttonhole stitch quite a long time ago and you can see he makes use of it here to finish the edges of the canvas.  I guess sewing does run in the family!