Thursday, December 6, 2012

13 is going to be your lucky number

A book can be savoured, poured over, shared with a friend, turn what you thought impossible into incredible, and transform a novice into an expert and makes a great Christmas gift!!  Lucky for you we have some delightful books on sale for $5, $10, or $15 and 20% off all others!  Macphee patterns now on for $2!
If you are feeling pressured by the swift approach of Christmas take advantage of our Sew Along on Fridays, this is a great time to catch up on your sewing without family or home distractions. Bring your project, supplies and machine if you like and a little lunch too if you want to stay all day. I've got the coffee on and a few treats hanging around and will be there to help if needed.  While you’re here fill out a wish list and we’ll set your Santa up and even do the wrapping!
Our Christmas Presents Table runner was a huge hit; we’re holding an encore class on Tuesday, December 11 at 1pm.  We even have kits available.
Friday, December 14 is our “Tea”.  We’re starting early at 2pm and will be doing some hands on creating.  Can’t make it right at 2, don’t worry, just come on in and enjoy when you’re able, we’ll have lots of Christmas cheer to go around!
Tuesday, December 18 Make our Dresden Candle mat and decorate your holiday table with style!  So easy it can be done in one class; use a great new fusible product. Class and kit $30    
Christmas sales continue and all Demo Machines are a great price, it could be time to be your own Santa!
Stay tuned for our Open House and PJ party...13 is going to be your lucky number with Sew Have Fun!!
Sew Have fun

Friday, September 14, 2012

Demo Day at Sew Have Fun

We had such a great time at our Tea!  Lots of Demos and some great prizes!  Here is one of our projects, so simple and a great gift idea!  Thanks Betty!

Fashion Wine Tote
Supplies: 2 1- 9/16” grommets, a point turner, .25 m WOF (width of fabric) each an outer fabric, lining and batting to match. Use Insul-bright or Insul-shine for a tote that will keep your wine chilled.
1.   Cut outer fabric, lining and batting 8” by 38”         
2.   Sandwich as follows:
Batting to wrong side of outer fabric, right side of lining to right side of outer fabric and stitch 5/8” around, leaving a 4-5” opening 8-9” from top edge
3.   With batting on the bottom, set your seams
4.   Clip corners and turn right side out, using a point turner to nicely push out your corners (don’t be too pushy!)
5.   Press your fabric, bringing the lining and outer fabric even at the edge. Pin the opening closed even at the edge
6.   Whipstitch by hand or machine stitch the opening close to the edge.
7.   Using the width of the foot as a guide, machine stitch around the entire edge of the tote.
Note: Now would be the time to embroider, embellish or quilt your tote, if desired.
8.   Press flat
9.   Using a Frixion Pen mark 1” down from the upper edge topstitching, and mark the center of the tote.

Apply grommets according to manufacturer’s instructions, so the upper edge sits at the 1” mark.
11.               Fold in half, insides together
and stitch up the sides, using the
previous topstitching as a guide.
Leave an opening 4” from the
bottom and secure your stitching
at both top and bottom.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Joy of Routine

Now that the kids are back to school it will be easier to get your projects back on track and we are helping with Free Sew Along on Sept 7 and 8 from 1-4pm.  No home or garden distractions and room to spread out as well as help to get you through the challenges that are preventing the completion of your project and the coffee is always on.

Learn about the features that make Baby lock so special.  Whether you have a Baby Lock or are dreaming of owning one someday, you are welcome to join us for Machine Owner’s Class on Sept 11 at 10 am.

Stonehenge fabrics are so beautiful and together they are working up into an amazing quilt!  Our Stonehenge Block of the Month continues, we are almost half way through!  If you would like to join this class we are happy to accommodate time to help you catch up, you won’t be disappointed!  We have a daytime and evening time slots.  This month’s classes are September 12 at 10 am and Sept 13 at 6:30.

Your budget is stretched to the max with the start of the school year and we are going to help you with one of the wardrobe staples for the whole family.  Learn how to make a T-shirt on the serger using a Jalie Pattern that includes sizes for the whole family.  We have a comfy cotton blend knit in a large selection of colours specially priced at only $4.99/m.  Thursday, Sept 13 at 10-1pm; $20 plus pattern and fabric.  Bet you’ll make more than one!

What fun to start the Fall season with Tea, goodies and of course prizes!  Betty G from NJefferson shares some new gadgets, tools and projects and it’s a great time to start your wish list!  Friday, Sept 14 3-5pm.

Fall Fairs are all over the province and the largest is the Ontario Plowing Match, held this year in Roseville, ON.           We are pleased to be a part of the plowing match as a vendor and hope you will get a chance to visit us there.  Store hours will be 10-4pm Sept 18 – 22.

The Everything Goes Bag has always been a popular class and we are pleased to be offering the class again.  Scheduled on Sept 25 and Oct 2 from 10-1 or Sept 29 and Oct 6 from 1-4pm  In this 2 part class you will make a superior bag that has all the storage and organization you need whether you use your bag for work, school, or play!

Wednesday Sept 26 Autumn Trails Runner  A simple layout and gorgeous fabrics combine to add a simple elegance to your Autumn table.  10am-1pm  Class and kit $25, Embroidered Squares, $10 extra.

We all have them...Scraps.  Those bits left over from projects that we gather and keep because they are too precious and beautiful to toss away.  It’s time to release them from those assorted drawers, closets and ziplock baggies; bring them into the light of day, combine them, make them up and enjoy them!  Sometimes it is the unexpected combination of odd bits that make the most beautiful quilts!  Join Stash Bashers  from 10am-noon and in the words of previous generations, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”

We’ve been playing with chenille for the past little while and if you’d like to try it we’ve developed a small project that won’t take much time and the results are beautiful! All you need is a couple of hours to make this lovely Chenille Cushion on Friday, Sept 28 from 10-noon.  Class and kit $25

There's so much more than all of this at the store, see you soon!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book of the Week

More William Morris Applique.
"The past is not dead, it is living in us, and will be alive in the future which we are now helping to make."  This statement of William Morris points to the legacy of all of us, what we do in our lifetime and what we leave to those who came after us.  Quilts are a wonderful pallette of colour, design and warmth with love being stitched into each block.  Our past, what we've learned and been taught, is stitched up in the present and will be cherished for years to come.
"If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of Art amd the thing most to be longed for; I should answer, A Beautiful House"  William Morris
This magnificent book is informative and inspiring and includes all instructions and patterns to help create your own Beautiful Home!
Available at Sew Have Fun

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bust size of 34B bounces (8 centimeters) with each step when running

This is not really new news:

A poll conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that 37 percent of women don’t bother to try bras on before making a purchase to make sure they fit. Wow....

Yet, 75 percent of women reported that they faced a specific challenge related to fit, and 53 percent of women have never been professionally fitted for a bra. When shopping for a new bra, 63 percent of women reported that comfort was the most important feature they looked for, followed by support (21 percent).

Bra Poll:

Bra Ownership-- Women own an average of 9 bras, but only wear 6 on a regular basis; the average woman purchased 4 bras in the past year.

Decent Exposure-- 80% of women say they would never go out in public without a bra.-- Over one-third (34%) of women take action to enhance their bra size, with the most common methods being padded (23%) and push-up (22%) bras.

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