Monday, September 28, 2009

Time Flies when you're having Sew much Fun!

Last week I've worked on the Sashiko Machine. There were questions as to what the stitching looked like on the back. Here is the back of a pillow panel. You can see that the stitching looks like a long running stitch.

My DH helped do some cleaning in the sewing room and afterwards I traced and cut out the black pants and topper for the Pattern Review contest. The pants are from BWOF 2/2009 132, the topper is Vogue 1129. I've used a weighty polyester crepe, I'd loved to have used wool but I'm alergic :(. Rather than lining the pants I've underlined with a lovely bemberg lining I acquired at Designer Fabrics on Queen St in Toronto. So far I have attached the lining at the inseam and side seams and can treat the piece as one. The waist facings are interfaced with fusible weft insertion, it's so much nicer than non-woven fusibles. I used the Weft insertion to give more body to the pocket lining for the topper as well. I'm looking forward to getting the topper done, it is quite long and has lots of lines for fit. That shawl piece took a lot of fabric, it is cut on the bias, the rest of the jacket is cut around it.

Today I finished some of the Sashiko projects, a pillow, a bag, and a Tea Cozy. My daughter is helping make costumes for a Sweeny Todd production in a local theatre and needed assistance with the pants for "Beetle" and we got those under control.

It will be Thursday before I have time to sew again, it's hard to stop when I'm on a roll!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I've been doing all day. I told you yesterday that I would be playing with a new toy today and here are the pics. Unfortunately it's not my toy to keep and must find its way to Nova Scotia and Quebec before it comes back to Ontario for the Creative show. The new Baby Lock Sashiko machine is absolutely addictive! Will be making more samples tomorrow! I'll be dreaming of more designs, they say some of the most creative things come to you in your sleep!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Wardrobe 2009

Pattern Review contest 2009.

For those of us who did not grow up with computers learning software can be like learning a new language. is what I've been using to set my wardobe on one page. Just like learning a new language it has taken a lot of repetition and I'm still not fluent!
The contest consists of 5 tops, 4 bottoms, and one topper. Except for the topper I'm using BWOF patterns which I'm very happy about because they are quite an investment. The topper is Vogue 1129 which I admired as soon as it came out. The other contest rule is that you must use at least one print and I'm using three, and as you can see I already have one top done! See my review I'm looking forward to getting this contest done, I'll have a mix of dressy and casual outfits that will mix into my current wardrobe. Today I get to play on a new toy and will post pics later!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Had just a little time to play on the new Baby Lock Sashiko Machine! This machine gives the effect of hand sewing in a fraction of the time, no hand needles or thimbles required. I found these cloth napkins at my local Superstore and being navy blue, a traditional colour used in Sashiko, I new they would be great to try. As you can see I did nothing elaborate, just straight rows. It takes a bit of practice to pivot at the corners. Hopefully next week I will get to try some other techniques and have some new samples to show. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Imagine having a birthday just a few days after school starts...for those of you with no kids this means that times are hectic, money is tight, and the one person no one is paying attention to doesn't care so much about birthdays anyway. But I remembered this time!! Of course after forgetting a few years ago I'm not likely to forget again! No big doings, just out to dinner, kids are out with friends so it will just be the two of us which seems to be happening more and more. We are practicing being empty nesters and I think I like it! This morning I made the Jalie T-shirt. Very pleased it went together very quickly and used the double fold bias binder on the cover stitch machine.

If you're a pat your head and rub your tummy kind of person you will have no trouble with this. I practised a little and realized I had to keep the strip nice and straight or it would sag and bunch and do all kinds of nasty things when it came out the other end of the binder! A little time, a little practice and my patience was rewarded! Read my review on Pattern Review!
Now, off to the gym so I can buffet tonight!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Day?

Don't you think the weatherman has got it wrong? We are having such nice days but sadly they are getting shorter and the trees don't lie, some are showing off their lovely colours already. Gave the bags to sorority sisters last night, they loved them. The symbols on the front are the greek letters Xi Delta Tau,the name of our chapter, but someone pointed out that it looks like the word "EAT"!! Well its does, sort of, and we that is!! What do you think?

No sewing done today, but traced and cut out the Jalie Tshirt from this pattern. The fabric is a celery/olive green intended to be a top for our cruise in last March. The cruise happened but the top did not. Hopefully tomorrow! Just a word about the pattern; multisized so quite economical and 1/4 inch seamallowances so will serge very quickly. Want to work with the knit binder on the coverstitch so will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Happy sewing!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labour Day!!

Today was a great end to summer; a lovely drive, sunny weather, and a long walk at the beach!! I spent the morning working on these tote bags for my sorority sisters. Tomorrow is our first meeting of the season and as usual I waited to the last minute to finnish, I knew all summer that I wanted to make them! We are looking forward to getting back to routine, it seems that everyone accomplishes more when they are on a timetable. I would love to work on a contest with Pattern Review in the morning but I think I will be buzzing around the house cleaning and getting ready for my meeting. I need to carve in some gym time too, better go with healthy snacks for the meeting so I don't cancel out the exercise!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My first post!

Hi there, I've been a lurker on so many blogs and learned so much from many of you, I feel some of you are my friends. I've sought you out for advice; been inspired and encouraged, laughed at your jokes, shared in your heartaches. It's time to end this one sided friendship and add my voice to the sewing world.