Friday, September 14, 2012

Demo Day at Sew Have Fun

We had such a great time at our Tea!  Lots of Demos and some great prizes!  Here is one of our projects, so simple and a great gift idea!  Thanks Betty!

Fashion Wine Tote
Supplies: 2 1- 9/16” grommets, a point turner, .25 m WOF (width of fabric) each an outer fabric, lining and batting to match. Use Insul-bright or Insul-shine for a tote that will keep your wine chilled.
1.   Cut outer fabric, lining and batting 8” by 38”         
2.   Sandwich as follows:
Batting to wrong side of outer fabric, right side of lining to right side of outer fabric and stitch 5/8” around, leaving a 4-5” opening 8-9” from top edge
3.   With batting on the bottom, set your seams
4.   Clip corners and turn right side out, using a point turner to nicely push out your corners (don’t be too pushy!)
5.   Press your fabric, bringing the lining and outer fabric even at the edge. Pin the opening closed even at the edge
6.   Whipstitch by hand or machine stitch the opening close to the edge.
7.   Using the width of the foot as a guide, machine stitch around the entire edge of the tote.
Note: Now would be the time to embroider, embellish or quilt your tote, if desired.
8.   Press flat
9.   Using a Frixion Pen mark 1” down from the upper edge topstitching, and mark the center of the tote.

Apply grommets according to manufacturer’s instructions, so the upper edge sits at the 1” mark.
11.               Fold in half, insides together
and stitch up the sides, using the
previous topstitching as a guide.
Leave an opening 4” from the
bottom and secure your stitching
at both top and bottom.

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