Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Imagine having a birthday just a few days after school starts...for those of you with no kids this means that times are hectic, money is tight, and the one person no one is paying attention to doesn't care so much about birthdays anyway. But I remembered this time!! Of course after forgetting a few years ago I'm not likely to forget again! No big doings, just out to dinner, kids are out with friends so it will just be the two of us which seems to be happening more and more. We are practicing being empty nesters and I think I like it! This morning I made the Jalie T-shirt. Very pleased it went together very quickly and used the double fold bias binder on the cover stitch machine.

If you're a pat your head and rub your tummy kind of person you will have no trouble with this. I practised a little and realized I had to keep the strip nice and straight or it would sag and bunch and do all kinds of nasty things when it came out the other end of the binder! A little time, a little practice and my patience was rewarded! Read my review on Pattern Review!
Now, off to the gym so I can buffet tonight!

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