Friday, May 14, 2010

"Self drafted" skirt

Summer's coming, I know it and when it does this skirt will be great with a tank or at the beach with a bikini top.  Here's how I did it:
My fabric is 60" wide so I cut 60" (1.5m).  I trimmed off the selvages.

I folded it twice and placed the corner with the folded edges closest to me. I used my tape measure and measured a waist measurement. (7x4 layers = 28") Cut off and divide into quarters, mark with pins or a marker.  This really stretches so if you have a tiny waist I'd make that measurement smaller by about 20%.

I cut a waist band 4 inches wide by 28" long.  Seam the short ends right sides together and fold wrong sides together.  Mark the quarters with a pin and match the pins to the main body of the skirt.  You want to place the seam of the waistband to the back of the skirt and for me I wanted the points of the skirt to be front, back and sides.  You could place it differently but I think this is the most flattering for everyone.
Here you see the waist band and waist of the skirt pinned together.  I sewed this on a serger and the big thing to remember is that sergers don't sew over pins so you must pull them out before you damage your machine!
I sewed an elastic into the seam as I sewed the waist band on and I'm glad I did as this knit is weightier than I thought.  I roll hemmed the hem of the skirt and there you have it, an easy summer skirt, it will pack easily for a cruise, too!

If you were adventurous you could wear this above the bust, just another option!

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