Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does it take 2 weeks to make 5 buttonholes?

It does when you are in the middle of inventory! At last it's done so I will have a little more time for sewing! I have posted the review over on Pattern review, just click on the icon. I was pleased with the full bust alteration on the shell and needed to add the same to the cardigan. I played a little with the placement and set the dart in the arm instead of the same as the shell.  I drew the lines from the bust point to the hem and armseye, cut and spread the pattern as before.  I pivoted the dart created into the armseye.
Here you can see the new dart I drew, again, it doesn't go to the bust point.  I also added a rounded back alteration.  I drew a horizontal line where I am the most round.  I added a line into the shoulder seam and cut
the pattern across the horizontal line leaving a hinge.  You can see it here.  I smply added a dart into the shoulder seam.  Fits quite nice!

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