Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've been reading many of your blogs and your accomplishments in 2009 blow me away! I'm not going to even try keeping up...I will try to accomplish more sewing than I did last year and I will be better about reporting on what I'm doing. I will try to get to the gym regularly and run 150 miles and more this year! I will read something that feeds my soul every day. These are my resolutions, notice I didn't say anything about eating less...that's just not going to happen when there are still cookies and treats in the house!
With all that said I have been in the sewing room today. I really wanted to make this little jacket in the fall and found a poly fabric that looks a little like a felted wool. I'll do a review tomorrow when it is finished, but to prove that I sewed today I will show you a few pics.
One of the things I took issue with was the finishing of the lower front edges. I think you can see the layers of fabric that would be at the center front right on top of my biggest part. Why would anyone want 8 layers of coating fabric on their stomach!
You can see I mitered these front edges which makes a nicer finish than folding and folding and tacking the seam down with hand stitches.
This Jacket took 10-15 minutes to cut out, 40 minutes construction on the serger, and 15 minutes basting the bands in place. Tomorrow I will do the top stitching, button hole, and final press. I'm not sure how I feel about the raw edges, (yes the bands and facings are applied with a raw edge technique) not sure how durable this poly version of wool will be. In anycase it hasn't been a huge time investment, or cash investment for that matter.
'Night all, and by the way there are 149 miles left to go as I did 1 mile on the treadmill. Did 5 miles on the excercise bike too but I'm not counting those.

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